Shimadzu Foundation Memorial Hall

Shimadzu Foundation

The hall is located on the site where Shimadzu was originally founded. Our founder, Genzo Shimadzu Senior, lived in the two-story wooden building, which was used as the head office for about 45 years. In a sense, it represents the starting point for the future growth of Shimadzu Corporation.

The hall includes permanent exhibits of the various physics and chemistry instruments, medical X-ray systems, and industrial equipment that Shimadzu has manufactured and sold since its foundation, as well as other related historical reference materials and artifacts. Together, these not only show Shimadzu's progress over the years, but also reflect Japan's progress in terms of developing modern scientific technology.

In April 2011, the hall was renovated to commemorate the 135th anniversary of Shimadzu's foundation. The renovation has transformed the hall into a space where visitors can experience the atmosphere and history of Shimadzu's early years through story and theme-based exhibits.

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Shimadzu Foundation

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