Specific Gravity Measurement Kit

SMK kit


Simple specific gravity meters based on precision balances.

Combination of Shimadzu balance and SMK Specific Gravity Measurement kit makes handy specific gravity measuring equipment for solid samples.
Software for specific gravity measurement is pre-installed to

Order one of the balances and the corresponding SMK Specific Gravity Measurement kit.

Liquid specific gravity can be also measured with a sinker (except for EL/ELB Series).
Model Catalog No. Balance Series Sample Phase
Solid Liquid
SMK-401 321-60550-01 AUW-D/AUW/AUX/AUY
SMK-301 321-60550 AW/AX/AY
SMK-101 321-60576-01 UW/UX (Capacity 2200g or more)
SMK-102 321-60576-02 UW/UX (Capacity 420g-820g)
SMK-201 321-42253 EL/ELB (Capacity 600g-6000g)  
A sinker is additionally needed for liquid specific gravity measurement.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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