Solvent Kits

Shimadzu offer a range of Solvent Kits that are engineered to eliminate solvent vapours from your liquid chromatography systems. These kits enclose your LC solvents in the reagent bottles and trap solvent vapours in the waste container. The inlet solvent kit includes reagent bottles, caps with directional flow valves, while the outlet solvent kits include a waste container and a vapour trap. Both kit comes with connectors and fittings designed to connect to most LC systems.

Solvent Caps LC Solvent Waste Kit LCMS Ion Source Waste Kit


Use the Waste Kit to collect solvent waste, consolidate tubing connections and reduce solvent emissions from HPLC and other laboratory instruments. The intent is to convert an open, venting waste collection point to a “Closed System” by securing tubing connections to the waste container and channelling solvent fumes through an exhaust filter.

The exhaust filter is packed with a specific activated carbon chosen for its adsorptive properties with organic solvents. The carbon is composed of active sites which accept organic molecules until such point that all active sites are filled (saturation). The filter should be changed close to the time of solvent breakthrough, allowing for a reasonable safety margin.

A colour marker label at the top of the indicator tube, marked “EXPOSED,” shows the colour at which the indicator has been fully exposed. When the colour approximates this label, the filter should be changed. If the indicator changes to a light yellow colour, it designates a prolonged exposure to solvent and should be replaced immediately.

Part Number. Description
226-50318-01 FOUR Port Solvent Cap Kit: Includes one 4 port, GL45 safety cap with check valve, FOUR 1/8" tubing connectors and 2 plugs.
226-50319-01 TWO Port Solvent Cap Kit: Includes one 2 port, GL45 safety cap with check valve, TWO 1/8" tubing connectors and 2 plugs.
226-50330-00 LC Solvent Waste Kit: Includes GL45 safety cap manifold, exhaust filter, colour indicator, basic tubing connections and one DIN45, 6.0 litre, HDPE Jerrycan.
226-50350-00 LCMS Ion Source Waste Kit: Includes PTFE GL45/DIN45 cap with (2) barbs for 1/2" ID tubing and one DIN45, 6.0 litre, HDPE Jerrycan.


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