Sample Preparation and Analytical Solutions Seminar

Do you have sample preparation problems?
Dr Lee Williams and Dr Peter Varelis, specialists in separation chemistry and mass spectrometry will present seminars across Australia and New Zealand addressing current solutions to analysts’ routine problem issues.

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Region Date Time Venue
Perth 30-Apr-18 09:30am-01:00pm

Technology Park, 2 Brodie-Hall Dr, Bentley, Perth

Adelaide 01-May-18 09:30am-01:00pm

Flinders University, 182 Victoria Square, Room 2.3, Adelaide

Brisbane 02-May-18 09:30am-01:00pm

Building 8106 seminar room 112, University of Queensland, Gatton Campus QLD

Brisbane 03-May-18 09:30am-01:00pm

Conference Theatre, Forensic and Scientific Services, 39 Kessels Rd, Coopers Plains, Brisbane

Sydney 04-May-18 09:30am-01:00pm

Rydges, 9 Missenden Rd, Camperdown, Bligh Room B, Sydney

Sydney 07-May-18 09:30am-01:00pm

Shimadzu Scientific, Unit E, 10-16 South Street, Rydalmere

Melbourne 08-May-18 09:30am-01:30pm

MIPS, 399 Royal Parade, Scott Building, Room CLS6, 1st Floor, Parkville

Christchurch 09-May-18 09:30am-01:00pm

Chateau on the Park, Tower room, Christchurch

Wellington 10-May-18 09:30am-01:00pm

Capital Gateway, Tudor Room, Wellington

Auckland 11-May-18 09:30am-01:00pm

Stardome (One Tree Hill), Matariki Room, Auckland

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Dr Lee Williams
Dr Peter Varelis
Biotage, UK
Shimadzu Scientific (Oceania)
Lee gained a Ph.D in mass spectrometry from the University of Wales, Swansea in 2000. He went on to complete a Post-Doc at the National Center for Toxicological Research, at the FDA labs in Arkansas, USA. In 2004 he returned to Wales to join Biotage in a variety of roles from senior scientist to now Director of R&D for Analytical Consumables and Applications.
Peter’s extensive academic and professional career has included academic positions at the University of Ballarat and Illinois Institute of Technology, Senior Research Scientist at Fonterra, Principal Nutrition Scientist at Food Standards ANZ. Peter is currently on the editorial Board of journal of Food Chemistry and Analysis and Manages the Applications team at Shimadzu Scientific.


Sample Preparation and Analytical Solutions

The use of LC/MS analysis in the lab has increased exponentially over the last 10 years. Modern mass spectrometers are extremely sensitive allowing low level detection of many target analytes. However, this sensitivity can come at a price, in that levels of contamination not previously detected with less sensitive instruments can now have larger impact on analysis. The complexity of common matrices such as plasma/serum/whole blood and urine while presenting different challenges can have a marked influence on method performance. As a result sample preparation is an extremely important part of the process in order to provide robust methods. This seminar will focus on some of the method development challenges faced when looking at various clinical/forensic assays; Endogenous steroid hormone extraction from serum, and drugs of abuse extraction from urine. Particular emphasis will be placed on the various sample preparation options, optimization of the extraction process, including recovery, co-extractable matrix components, HPLC column degradation, calibration curve performance and limits of quantitation. Full results, discussion and conclusions will be presented.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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