Nexera Prep

  • Simple preparative work flow and scale-up
    Preparative simulation for optimization of preparative parameter 
    Various columns for scale-up from analytical to preparative
  • Automation of post-processing by UFPLC
    TFA and other counter ions are removed, so target components are recovered at high purity levels.
  • The system is expandable to the best system configured for costumers’ needs, such as  recovery volume and numbers of fractions.

Nexera Prep

Nexera Prep SystemNexera Prep System

 Saves on Labor When Investigating the Conditions for Preparative Work

Using the Nexera™ Prep system saves on labor when scaling up from the investigation of analysis conditions to the conditions for preparative work.

UFPLC SystemUFPLC: Ultra Fast Preparative and Purification
Liquid Chromatography System

 Preparative Work for Target Components at High Purity Levels and High Concentrations

The Shimadzu UFPLC Ultra Fast Preparative Trap Purification system significantly reduces the cost and labor involved in preparative purification.
Additionally, the system not only performs preparative purification of target components, but can also recover impurities at high purity levels and high concentrations, enabling applications for impurity analysis.

Preparative LCMS SystemPreparative LCMS System

 Preparative Work for Non UV Adsorptive Components

The FRC-40 Fraction Collector can perform preparative work utilizing up to four detector signal. Preparative work is performed with the LCMS signal corresponding to the target component, enabling high purity purification.

Recycling Preparative SystemRecycling Preparative System

 High Separation via Recycle Preparation

By repeatedly going through the sample into the column, the target component can be fractionated with a degree of separation impossible from a single preparation.

Multi Fraction Collector SystemMulti Fraction Collector System

 Excellent System Expandability

The solvent delivery unit and fraction collector can be selected to suit the recovery volume.
Additionally, the Shim-pack™ Scepter features excellent scalability from analysis to preparative work, and the preparation of a variety of components is supported by an ample lineup.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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