M+BS Excellence Awards 2014



The University of Queensland with the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (M+BS) held their inaugural Excellence Awards on the 1st of December 2014. The awards ceremony is their opportunity to recognise M+BS researchers, teachers, clinicians, professional staff, industry partners, and others who have excelled in their area of expertise. It is also an opportunity to highlight how they have contributed to M+BS’ vision to become the best Faculty of Medicine + Biomedical Sciences in Australia and among the best internationally.

Shimadzu was the inaugural winner of the University of Queensland’s Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences’ Excellence in Industry Engagement Award as part of the faculty’s first excellence awards’ ceremony.

Shimadzu Director/General Manager Mr John Hewetson received the award, during which the Faculty’s Executive Dean Professor Nicholas Fisk spoke robustly about how valuable industry partnerships were in getting work being done by researchers to patient care as quickly as possible.

“These local and global, public and private sector partnerships have resulted in a range of state-of-the art facilities and projects that are set to change the face of clinical practice and research,” Professor Fisk said. “Tonight we want to honour our industry partners – those who have worked closely with our faculty to take our research outcomes to the marketplace.

“The winner of the 2014 Excellence in Industry Engagement Award is Shimadzu – a leader in the development of advanced technologies to further enhance drug discovery and clinical diagnostics.”


Professor Fisk said Shimadzu and the Faculty’s UQ Centre for Clinical Research had established a strategic partnership to develop expertise and knowledge i

n a range of research areas of benefit to each organisation.

“Through this partnership, Shimadzu and UQCCR have worked together to nurture research and to develop products related to clinical research and diagnostics,” Professor Fisk said. “Shimadzu also provides training and expertise and access to platform technologies.

“The company has consistently supported research, students and fund raising at UQCCR with major support for an international meeting, student and post doc excellence awards and other fundraising events.

“This type of industry support is invaluable and we can’t thank Shimadzu enough for its continued support.”

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