Vol.2, Issue 1 - January 2014

VOLUME 2: Featuring Pharmaceuticals and Human Science

Shimadzu Journal
Volume 2, Issue 1-January 201
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Pharmaceuticals and Human Science



[Insight from a customer]
Professor Richard B. van Breemen, University of Illinois, Chicago, USA (472KB)
We interviewed Professor Richard B. van Breemen who is studying medicinal properties of natural products at the University of Illinois, College of Pharmacy, in Chicago, using advanced mass spectrometry.
 [Human Health]
Quantitative Analysis of Bisphenol A in Water and Serum Using UHPLC-MS-MS (596KB)
Endocrine disruptors represent a major toxicological and public health issue, and the xenoestrogen bisphenol A (BPA) has received much attention due to its high volume of production for plastics and widespread human exposure. The measurement of BPA in biological and environmental samples is essential for risk assessment. However, such analyses are challenging due to the trace levels of BPA in these samples and the possibility of false positive determinations due to background contamination.
 [Customer interviews]
We interviewed customers about Shimadzu's new innovative technologies: iPDeA (Intelligent Peak Deconvolution Analysis) and iDReC (Intelligent Dynamic Range Extension Calculator)
[Technical Report]
The i-PDeA derivative spectrum chromatogram method was developed as a new data processing technique for photodiode array detectors for HPLC. A derivative spectrum is created by performing differential processing on the UV-Vis absorption spectrum at each measurement time. Plotting the derivative spectrum values at the specified wavelength against retention time creates a derivative spectrum chromatogram that is able to separate co-eluted peaks.
 [Technical Report]
A new data processing method for a photodiode array (PDA) detector, Intelligent Dynamic Range Extension Calculator (i-DReC) enables the automatic calculation of peak area and height, utilizing spectrum similarity in the high concentration range where UV signal is saturated. When the integrated chromatographic peak area exceeds a user-defined threshold value, i-DReC automatically shifts the chromatographic profile to a wavelength with less UV absorption to prevent signal saturation.
Posters from Recent Conferences (216KB)
These posters were presented at ASMS 2013 (June 9-13, 2013, Minneapolis) and HPLC 2013 (June 16-20, Amsterdam).
Click the title URLs to download the posters of interest.
In conjunction with Eisai Co., Ltd., Shimadzu has developed and commercialized unique restricted access type trap columns (Shim-pack MAYI series) and an LC system with on-line pretreatment functionality via valve switching (Co-Sense for BA). The Co-Sense for BA allows large volumes of plasma, serum and other biological samples to be injected and analyzed.
 [Latest News]
Shimadzu’s Diffraction Grating Goes into Space (104KB)
Shimadzu's diffraction grating was launched with the Spectroscopic Planet Observatory for Recognition of Interaction of Atmosphere (SPRINT-A) by the first Epsilon Launch Vehicle (Epsilon-1) on September 14.
[Latest News]
Shimadzu’s HMV-G Series Micro Vickers Hardness Testers were recognized by Instrument Business Outlook (IBO) as its 2013 Silver Award for Industrial Design for Analytical Instruments for their outstanding modern and bold design. With a curved frame softened by a bright color scheme, the HMV-G Series’ appearance tells both technical sophistication and robustness and accessibility.
[Latest News]
Collaboration with Analysis Center of Tsinghua University in China (64.0KB)
Shimadzu has been collaborating with Analysis Center of Tsinghua University since 2004 in cultivating young talent via an internship program, providing analytical instruments, and giving technical advice and maintenance support.
[New Products]
LCMS-8050, IRTracer-100, Aggregates Sizer, EDX-7000/8000 (504KB)


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