LC/MSMS Interface Setting Support Software

This software will automatically create batch files to perform analysis and acquire data while changing the heater temperature and gas flow rates in the LC/MS/MS interface. By comparing the data obtained from the batch analysis, it is possible to determine the heater temperature and gas flow rate that are optimal for the target compound, which allows for higher sensitivity analysis.

This software supports the development of LC/MS/MS analysis methods by allowing users to easily test and evaluate interface parameters, which is frequently omitted by users due to the complexity of method and sequence creation.




  • The software controls temperature of three heaters and flow rate parameters of three gases for the LCMS-8050, and two heaters and two gases for the LCMS-8040 and LCMS-8030.
  • The software automatically creates a batch file for continuous analysis in which the parameters are changed within a specified range to provide data under various combinations of temperatures and flow rates. Note)
  • A blank analysis can be inserted between runs to ensure system equilibration and stability.
  • The method with the optimum combination of parameters can be easily exported from the data browser for use in subsequent analyses.

Note: All possible combinations (maximum 1000) are tested for the specified parameters. Sequence analysis time depends on the number and range of settings.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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