iFlagger LabSolutions LCMS Measurement Result Judgment Assistance Software

LabSolutions LCMS Measurement Result Judgment Assistance Software

The process of judging whether a particular component is present is time consuming. Is there a more convenient method?

Yes! With iFlagger, by presetting parameters such as ion intensity ratios and degree of similarity to a mass spectral library, the data results can be classified automatically, as normal, review needed, or error. These parameters can be set for each individual compound and allows the reviewer to view just the data that needs attention.

LCMS data can be difficult to review, especially without formal training.
Is there a way to simplify the process for even the most unfamiliar user?

Yes! iFlagger allows the user to just enter the sample information and start the analysis.
The software analyzes the data, which is presented in an easy-to-understand window,
and the result details can be summarized as one file.

iFlagger Features

■ iFlagger automatically analyzes samples and processes data.
■ Easy to understand results.
■ Final results can be exported in text or .csv which is convenient for organizing or summarizing data.
■ Analysis parameters can be customized for multiple compounds or single compounds.

  • iFlagger includes sample parameters for analyzing the presence of compounds.
  • A variety of parameters can be used in combination to support a wide range of target compounds.


  1. LabSolutions LCMS is required for operating iFlagger.
  2. Only qualitative analysis can be made with iFlagger. iFlagger cannot be used for quantitative applications.
  3. User must be proficient in the concepts behind LCMS and LabSolutions software in order to determine analysis parameters.
  4. Please note no warranty, expressed or implied, is provided for the method files or analysis criteria included or for the results obtained.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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