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Food, Beverages, Agriculture

The demands of your high-throughput food and beverage QA/QC laboratory require high-speed and quality analysis. Whether analyzing the degradation of edible oils or the vitamins in baby food, or quantifying food additives, pesticide residues or the color in packaging materials, or determining the distinct aroma found in natural products, Shimadzu instruments are used throughout the process to keep your lab running smoothly and your customers satisfied.


While the agriculture industry undergoes a shift from natural crop development to the use of biological agents, the fundamental mission of the industry remains the same: providing the world with healthy products. To ensure the health of your crops, you need reliable instruments that can provide accurate, timely data on such critical areas as your water supply, soil makeup, and animal feeds.

Shimadzu understands this concern and, with a wealth of experience, can balance with concern with your need to minimize downtime.


The natural products industry has undergone a tremendous amount of growth in the last decade. With this dynamic growth, there has been a surge of regulations to monitor the development process and ensure the safety of the end product. From herbs and botanicals to supplements and organic foods, Shimadzu instruments can help you maintain your laboratory's development potential while ensuring it meets the latest regulatory criteria.



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