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Electronic Printer EP-90

Electroric Priter   EP-90Measurement data printed with time and date stamp (using balance internal clock*) and sample numbers
Turn ON/OFF the balance applied functions for data printout from the printer



  • Compatibility with new and previous Shimadzu electronic balances
  • Plain paper printing (dot impact printer) offers long-term storage in accordance with GLP/GMP/ISO
  • Simply connect to the balance using the cable supplied
  • Includes AC adaptor
  • Can run on six AA batteries
  • Windows®Direct function compatibility Using the Windows®Direct function of Shimadzu electronic balances permits direct data import to a computer and simultaneous printing of backup data on the computer printer to support GLP and GMP.
  • Long-lasting recording paper saves effort (print approx. 8000 lines per roll)
  • High-speed printing, approx. 3 lines per second (mechanical printing performance)
  • Statistical calculation functions

General Specifications

Part Name EP-90
Method Dot impact
Inking Ink ribbon
Format 24 characters / line (5 × 7 dot matrix)
Print speed 2.7 lines/s (mechanical printing performance)
Character size Approx. 1.7 (W) × 2.6 (H) mm
Recording paper 57.5-mm plain paper
Print mechanism reliability 1.5 million lines
Operational temperature 5 to 40 °C
Power supply * AC adapter 
* AA batteries (6) 
Duration: Approx. 10 hours at 1 line each 5 seconds
Interface Serial I/O, TTL level
Unit dimensions 154 mm (W) × 215 mm (D) × 78.5 mm (H)
Weight Approx. 630 g
Functions Statistical calculations, print commands, TARE commands, time and date stamp * (automatically applied for each measured data output using balance internal clock), ID printout, sample number (automatically counted up) printout, multiplication, comparator, auto-print, balance applied function ON/OFF commands, Windows®Direct function
Accessories AC adapter, chart paper (1 roll), ink ribbon cartridge (1)


Chart paper, 20 roll set
Ink ribbon, black, set of 5

Unit dimensions

Unit dimensions


Measurements in mm. 1mm=.03937"

Compatible Models

Semi-Micro Balance
Analytical Balance
Electronic Top-Loading Balance
Economical Top-Loading Balance
Precision Platform Balance
Personal Electronic Balance

Discontinued Models

Analytical Balance
  • AW/AX/AY Series *1
Analytical Balance
  • AEG, AEX, AEL Series
Electronic Top-Loading Balance
  • BW/BX Series
  • EB-S/EB-D/EB-H Series
Precision Platform Balance
  • EB-K/EB-KW Series
Personal Electronic Balance
  • EL Series
*1 Although previous AW/AX series analytical balances incorporate an internal clock, they are unable to print a time and date stamp using this printer.
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