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The CLAM-2000 fully automated sample preparation module for LCMS is based on extensive blood coagulation analyzer technology that Shimadzu has cultivated over many years. Simply place blood collection or other tubes in position and the system automatically performs everything from pretreating blood or other samples for analysis to LCMS analysis. Consequently, the system is able to minimize human error and variability in sample pretreatment procedures and reduce risk of infection. Therefore, it helps achieve a high-precision workflow for clinical research that is safer, faster, and simpler.




Perform All Processes from Collection of Samples in the Blood Collection Tubes to Sample Pretreatment and LCMS Analysis Automatically.

  • Simply place the blood collection tubes to be analyzed, necessary reagents, and specialized pretreatment vials in the system, which then performs all processes automatically.
  • Each sample is processed successively in parallel, rather than by batch processing using microtiter plates.



Thorough Precision Control of Analytical Results.

  • Reagent, calibration, control, and system maintenance functions allow thorough precision control.
  • This allows eliminating variability in pretreatment response times for each sample and allows accurate control.



Reduces Operator Errors and Risk of Infection During Procedures.

  • The system eliminates manual operations involving biological samples, such as dispensing. Consequently, it reduces the risk of exposure to infectious samples.
  • Potentially infectious waste products are kept isolated inside the system. This allows such waste to be processed after the analysis is finished, according to waste disposal procedures specified for that laboratory.
Note: This product is not the medical device approved by U.S. FDA.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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