New Perfinity iDP: Automated HPLC Trypsin Digestion Platform

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Perfinity iDPThe Perfinity iDP (Integrated Digestion Platform) automates the protein analysis workflow from protein digestion to HPLC separation and MS detection, significantly reducing sample preparation times and enhancing reproducibility. 



The high-efficiency trypsin column provides fast on-line trypsin digestion in 1-4 minutes, and the Perfinity iDP Software provides a user-friendly interface. Full automation provides more reproducible results, and coupling with LCMS products opens a wide range of protein applications.

Benefits of the Perfinity iDP immobilized trypsin column and digestion buffer

The optimised trypsin digestion buffer in combination with the trypsin column enables highly efficient and fast digestion in 1 to 4 minutes, with the added benefit of continuous sample analysis on reusable the trypsin column. The immobilized trypsin column also results in reduced chymotrypsin activity and deamidation.

Increased throughput by parallel sample preparation

Two desalting columns allow parallel processing of samples, where one desalting column is used to trap digested peptides, while peptides from the previously injected sample are eluted from the other desalting column. As a result of this parallel sample processing, analysis of up to 200 samples/day is achievable.

Easy operation by Perfinity iDP Software

The Perfinity iDP software supports the total workflow from method development to analysis of samples. After selecting a method, users can quickly create and optimize methods by entering a few parameters, such as digestion time, column dimensions and gradient time. Batch files for sample analysis are quickly generated with minimal information such as methods, data file names and injection volumes. Finally analysis results can be seamlessly viewed in the LabSolutions post-run window, which can be viewed through the Perfinity iDP software.
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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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