GC Driver for Waters Empower™ Software

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Control Shimadzu GC-2010 Plus and GC-2014 Units Using Waters EmpowerTM

Shimadzu GC-2010 Plus and GC-2014 gas chromatographs can nowShimadzu GC Driver Ver1 for Waters Empower™ Software
be controlled using Waters Empower™ chromatography data systems.
This control enables use of these compact GCs, which feature detectors
with the world’s highest sensitivity levels and deliver high-precision analysis
with excellent peak reproducibility, in an Empower™ environment.





Seamless Control of Shimadzu GC Units


Set Shimadzu GC instrument parameters via the instrument method editing window in Empower™ and save as an instrument method. Achieve seamless control of GC-2010 Plus and GC-2014 units for functions ranging from the control panel and report output to audit trails.

Ease of Use for Instrument Status Check and Methods Creation

The Shimadzu GC control panel displayed in the sample
analysis window in Empower™ includes functions to directly
control Shimadzu GC units, such as switching the carrier gas
or detector gas, or GC system ON/OFF. In addition, it includes
such features as a monitor function that allows confirming the
respective temperatures of the sample injection port, column
oven, and detector, or the flow rate and pressure of carrier gas,
and a system check function that displays the operating status
of consumables. This helps with monitoring the instrument
operating status during analyses and with routine instrument
inspections. Furthermore, since separate instrument method
editing windows are available for each device, even first-time
users can set GC unit parameters easily.



Acquire and Manage Analytical Data Digitally

All detector signals are acquired digitally. Therefore, no SAT/INTM or other analog/digital converter is necessary. Gas pressures, column oven temperatures, and other instrument status information can be stored as channel data during analyses.

Products Lineup


Description Empower System Configuration
Single License - Shimadzu GC Driver for Empower™ Same for all Personal, Workgroup and Enterprize Verisons
Four Licenses - Shimadzu GC Driver for Empower™ Same for both Workgroup and Enterprize Versions




  • Shimadzu GC driver software for Empower™ is compatible with Empower™2 FR3 or later versions.To install the driver in existing Empower networks, please provide the Empower™ version and other relevant information in advance.
  • Only one Shimadzu GC unit can be connected using the Personal version of Empower™.
  • The Empower™ software is also available from Shimadzu. For more details, contact your Shimadzu representative.


Controllable Hardware


GC units: GC-2010, GC-2010 Plus, or GC-2014
Optional accessories: AOC-20i autoinjector and AOC-20s autosampler
Unit Unit Name
Sample injection port GC-2010 (Plus) : SPL-2010 (Plus), WBI-2010 (Plus), OCI / PTV-2010
GC-2014 : SPL-2014, WBI-2014, DINJ-2014, SINJ-2014
Detector GC-2010 (Plus) : FID-2010 (Plus), TCD-2010 (Plus), ECD-2010 (Plus),
FPD-2010 (Plus), FTD-2010 (Plus)
GC-2014 : FID-2014, TCD-2014, ECD-2014, FPD-2014,
Additional flow controller APC (3 auxiliary channels), AMC (2 auxiliary channels) 
Note: AMC is optional on the GC-2014.
Low-temperature oven controller GC-2010 (Plus) : CRG-2010 low-temperature control solenoid valve unit
GC-2014 : CRG solenoid valve





* Empower™ and SAT/INTM are trademarks of Waters Corporation in USA and other countries.

  • Auxiliary temperature control units, A/D boards, and PRG-2010 (Plus) or PRG-BOX (Plus) units cannot be controlled.

  • Not compatible with dual-injection systems.

  • A maximum of 4 Shimadzu GC units can be controlled from a single data acquisition server (such as LAC/E32).

  • Shimadzu GC and LC drivers for Empower™ can be installed on the same computer or data acquisition server.

  • A Shimadzu GC unit and Agilent GC system cannot be connected simultaneously to the same data acquisition server (such as LAC/E32). Provide a separate dedicated data acquisition server for the Shimadzu GC unit.



This page may contain references to products that are not available in your country.
Please contact us to check the availability of these products in your country.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

This page may contain references to products that are not available in your country. Please contact us to check the availability of these products in your country.