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Direct Probe Ionization Mass Spectrometer

The DPiMS-2020 is a single quadrupole mass spectrometer based on using probe electrospray ionization. It uses a probe to remove a micro quantity of liquid from the sample placed on the sample plate and inject it into the MS unit for mass analysis. 
It is extremely easy to operate and it is able to measure samples such as chemical products, food materials, and biological samples, directly or with very minimal sample pretreatment.




Quick and Easy Measurement Without Sample Preparation

Measure Samples Directly, Quickly, and Easily with PESI Unit

Features of PESI (Probe Electrospray Ionization)

  • Perform MS analysis directly on the sample.
  • Suitable for thermally labile compounds, no direct heat applied.
  • Highly resistant to MS contamination, even with complex matrices.

Simple Workflow


Features \ Field Chemical products/Synthesis Biological/Food samples

Measuring mixture ratio
of raw materials
Monitoring presence
of impurities

Rapid screening
directly on the
biomaterial sample

changes over time

Real-time tracking of
synthesis reactions

Oxidation reaction
and UV degradation
of supplements

Product Brochure: 

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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